Session 4.2.1

Analogical reasoning Part 1 (Scott Brewer)

Themes covered in this session (note: same as for Session 4.2.2):

Themes covered in this session:

  1. Analogical reasoning: an explanation of the basic invariant structure of reasoning by analogy, with exercises for representing analogical (and disanalogical) legal arguments
  2. Analogical argument in example-based, case-based and casuistic arguments

projection: to be posted


  • Brewer, Exemplary Reasoning: Semantics, Pragmatics, and the Rational Force of Reasoning by Analogy (1996)
  • Optional: Brewer, Indefeasible analogical argument (2018)
  • Monge v Beebe Rubber Company (N.H. Supreme Court 1974)
  • Howard v Dorr Woolen Co (N.H. Supreme Court 1980)
  • Cloutier v. A&P (N.H. Supreme Court 1981).pdf

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