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Note regarding the Law and Logic Summer School for 2020:

Dear Prospective Students for the Law and Logic Summer School,

We hope you are all safe and well.  In this time of worldwide challenge, we have decided to postpone our Law and Logic Summer School until the Summer of 2021.  We do not make this decision lightly.  The Summer School was about to enter its ninth year, and the faculty and students from previous years found it to be a richly rewarding and important experience.  As you surely know, Italy, like the rest of the world, has been facing serious health challenges.  Accordingly, the European University Institute, like other universities in Italy, Europe, Asia, and the Americas, has suspended in-person operations for the foreseeable future.  We considered carefully whether to offer our Summer School online, but decided that the experience of visiting Florence and having an opportunity to work collaboratively with other students learning the techniques of logical analysis of legal arguments – under the overall rubric of the Logocratic Method – was an essential part of the value of the Summer School experience.

We are contemplating some online offerings that might be available through the Summer School website, which may present the basics of the Logocratic Method to an online audience.  This would not substitute for the in-person experience that we plan to continue in the Summer of 2021, but it might also provide some valuable introduction – a tasting session, as it were — for the work we will continue next Summer. 

Meanwhile, we hope that you and those close to you stay well.

Very warmly,

Scott Brewer and Giovanni Sartor, on behalf of other professors in the Law and Logic Summer School.

In this blog (https://lawandlogicarchive2019.car.blog/) you will find information on the Summer School of last year (2019). 

For further information on the Summer School on Law and Logic, you can contact Professor Scott Brewer



Note that participants in the Law and Logic Summer School may also be interested in the AI & Law Summer School that immediately follows the Law and Logic Summer School, at the same location, from 6 through 10 July.