5. Programme

The readings for the Summer School will be shared with the selected participants before the school begins.

Detailed program

The programme below corresponds to the online edition of the school held in 2022, and the programme for the next edition will be released in early 2023. Classes will take place from Monday to Saturday in the morning and afternoon.

Each lecture day will be composed of four 90-minute sessions, with 30-minute breaks between sessions and a 90-minute lunch break after the second session. All times below are presented in Florence time (CEST).

Day 1 — Monday, July 3

SessionStart timeEnd timeProfessorsSubject
1.1.109:0010:30Scott Brewer
Introduction: Perceptions of cooperation and clash of logic and law – opening thoughts about the utilities of logic for law – Basic definitions and methods of the Logocratic Method
1.1.211:0012:30Giovanni SartorLogic and Argumentation
1.2.114:0015:30Juliano MaranhãoIntroduction to propositional logic: Part 1
1.2.216:0017:30Juliano MaranhãoIntroduction to propositional logic: Part 2
Activities for the first day of the Summer School

Day 2 — Tuesday, July 4

SessionStart timeEnd timeProfessorsSubject
Revision of basic concepts and exercises from the first day
2.1.211:0012:30Scott BrewerRepresenting legal rules and legal arguments in propositional logic
2.2.114:0015:30Matthias ArmgardtRepresenting legal rules and legal arguments in propositional logic: Part 2
2.2.216:0017:30Revision of basic concepts and exercises on propositional logic
Activities for the second day of the Summer School

Day 3 — Wednesday, July 5

SessionStart timeEnd timeProfessorsSubject
3.1.109:0010:30Nino Rotolo
From propositional to predicate logic: grammar and basic structure
3.1.211:0012:30Nino RotoloFrom propositional to predicate logic: semantics and relations
3.2.114:0015:30Revision of basic concepts and exercises on predicate logic
3.2.216:0017:30Nino RotoloModelling the law in predicate logic
Activities for the third day of the Summer School

Day 4 — Thursday, July 6

SessionStart timeEnd timeProfessorsSubject
4.1.109:0010:30Giovanni SartorArgumentation and argument schemes
4.1.211:0012:30Giovanni SartorFormalising argumentation / Burdens of proof and presumptions
4.2.114:0015:30Scott BrewerAnalogical reasoning 1
4.2.216:0017:30Scott BrewerAnalogical reasoning 2
Activities for the fourth day of the Summer School

Day 5 — Friday, July 7

SessionStart timeEnd timeProfessorsSubject
5.1.109:0010:30Agata CiabattoniDeontic logic: Part 1
5.1.211:0012:30Agata CiabattoniDeontic logic: Part 2
5.2.114:0015:30Emiliano LoriniDeontic logic: Part 3
5.2.216:0017:30Emiliano Lorini
Giovanni Sartor
Deontic logic and Hohfeldian concepts
Activities for the fifth day of the Summer School

Day 6 — Saturday, July 8

SessionStart timeEnd timeProfessorsSubject
6.1.109:0010:30Scott BrewerInduction: generalisation and specification
6.1.211:0012:30Scott BrewerInference to the best explanation / Abduction
6.2.114:0015:30Closing session: Presentation of Certificates of Attendance
Activities for the sixth and final day of the Summer School