Session 01.1.1

Introduction: Perceptions of cooperation and clash of logic and law – opening thoughts about the utilities of logic for law (Scott Brewer, Giovanni Sartor)

Themes Covered in this session:

  1. Introduction to the method of studying law and logic in the course


Assigned readings

  • Brewer, How To Do Virtuous Things With Arguments: Introduction to the Logocratic Method (link)
  • Monge v Beebe Rubber Company (link)

Optional readings:

  • Brewer and Sartor, Logic in the Life of the Law (draft), Chapter 1, “Law and logic: a quarrel and a reconciliation” (link)
  • Sinnott-Armstrong, W. and Fogelin, R. J. ([2006] 2010). Understanding Arguments: An Introduction to Informal Logic. Wadsworth, Ch.1 (link)
  • Holmes, O.W. The Path of the law (link)
  • Sainsbury, M. (2001). Logical Forms: An Introduction to Philosophical Logic. Blackwell, Oxford. Ch 1 (link)
  • Pollock, J.L. Logic: An Introduction to the Formal Study of Reasoning, Ch 1
  • Brewer, S. Traversing Holmes’s Path Toward a Jurisprudence of Logical Form (link)
  • Alchourron, C. E. (1996). On law and logic. Ratio Juris, 9:331–48. (link)
  • Fallacies (link)
  • Logic in Action (website)
  • Logic in Action (PDF file, including answers to the exercises)

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